One-Trick Ponies

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One-Trick Ponies

Postby The-OG » Wed Oct 12, 2005 3:55 am

Every so often "one-trick ponies" appear in the forums. One-trick ponies (OTPs) are people who have an agenda and are here for little other reason than to push that agenda. Even if it's not a bad agenda, such behaviour detracts from the quality of the forums. We want to ensure and enhance the quality of TMB's forums for the benefit of all our members, making sure that the TMB forums are:

- encouraging Godly sexuality in challenging and uplifting ways;
- a source for faithful and accurate sexual, marital, and theological information;
- honouring and celebrating the sacredness, beauty, and power of the Christian marriage bed.

In short, we want to enjoy our sexual freedom in Christ to the fullest, and that requires learning to interact about sexuality in honest, responsible ways. We understand that truly open and honest sexual discussion is still pretty new to Christian communities in general, and we expect that TMB forums will be a learning experience for all of us as we grow together in Christ by learning how to more responsibly steward our sexuality. One-trick ponies hinder these goals. With these interests at heart we've drawn up these guidelines to help clarify our expectations regarding OTP behaviour. Basically, please don't be or feed a one trick pony.

There are two ways in which OTPs are detrimental to the boards:

(1) Behaviour. OTPs often display one or both of the following:
- Most of their posts are only about one issue, often an Off-Topic discussion.
- They don't actually engage in real discussion or respond in considerate ways when their views are challenged by others. Rather than reading, considering, and responding, they simply look for more opportunities to present their agenda. OTPs are often merely looking for converts to their cause rather than genuine conversation.

In the past, TMB has endured OTPs crusading for Mormonism, Calvinism, anti-birth-control-ism, and various expressions of legalistic fundamentalism. All of these particular topics aside from Mormonism are open for discussion on the boards, but we will not allow TMB to become a mission field for any group or cause. This is not the place to proselytize.

(2) Content. The actual content of someone's particular agenda can be deemed inappropriate for TMB if it is (a) potentially harmful misinformation ranging from poor marital advice to medical misinformation to theological heresy, or (b) not directly related to sexuality or marriage. We will not tolerate constant crusading for things deemed detrimental to marriage, sexuality, spirituality and/or the purposes of these boards.

We allow off topic discussion, but the off-topic area is for those who are participating in the forums as a whole. If you aren't here primarily for the marriage and sexuality aspects of these boards, we respectfully ask that you leave. Recruiting for non-sex/marriage-oriented threads is unacceptable and will not be allowed. Worthwhile causes can also be deemed inappropriate if they are not well suited to the specific goals of this ministry. There are many great causes out there, but limited resources means TMB cannot be the place for all of them.

Members engaging in one-trick pony behaviour can expect to be contacted by the OG.

Thank you to all our members who patiently grow with us as we learn to more faithfully steward our sexuality together in Christ. May we all continue to experience with increasing fullness the incomparable blessedness of Life with God, through Christ, empowered by the Spirit.

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