Lingerie for flat chested women???

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Lingerie for flat chested women???

Postby she-prays » Thu May 06, 2010 7:23 pm

Y'all, my wedding is in just over seven weeks...I've started looking for honeymoon lingerie and am having a devil of a time finding it. :? I think I actually am classified as a "specialty" size and they definetly do not carry it at department stores or victorias embaressing as this is, I actually buy my bras in the children's department because those are the only ones that fit me correctly. :oops:

I looked online but Im scared that if I order it, it wont fit right, plus I was hopeing to find some cheaper and they are so expensive online (maybe because of the "specialty sizing." ???) I thought about just going with an A cup at a department store but once I started looking at teh material I realized it would just kinda hang on me with nothing to fill it out. :( I just want to look pretty for my wedding night.

Has anyone had any luck locating sexy lingerie for women with an AA cup size? (34AA, to be exact...) Particularly at department stores!

Thank you!!!

Re: Lingerie for flat chested women???

Postby citizenthom » Fri May 07, 2010 8:54 am

This is totally a guy's perspective here, but I hope it at least makes you feel better.

First, keep in mind that your fiancee has already decided he's not only fine with your chest, but wants to see it every day for the rest of his life. :D So don't stress too much about what kind of wrapping you put on it: he's focused on the present underneath already.

A friend of mine who had a similar issue had a solution I think a lot of guys would get into. She focused on buying really nice bottoms and leggings and came out wearing them under a (nice) robe. So if specialty stuff is really out of your budget, maybe that's an option.

Re: Lingerie for flat chested women???

Postby LadyP » Fri May 07, 2010 10:35 am

I'm pretty flat-chested too - probably not quite as much as you, but close. (Actually, I now fit normal bras because I'm breastfeeding.) I stayed faaaaaar away from anything with shaped cups, and focused on stuff that would show off my back and my legs. sheer fabrics work well, chemises and slips work really well

this might be a good choice, with this as a racier option (warning: nudity in both links)
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Re: Lingerie for flat chested women???

Postby scifiwife » Sat May 08, 2010 2:30 pm

I found some beautiful corsets on ebay when I was getting married. These weren't the "sexy see-through" style of Victoria's Secret, but rather firm boned affairs. They don't really have breast cups, and seemed somewhat flattening to me, but they were beautiful. Since they're designed to flatten women anyway, they might look really stunning on flatter women.

I also really love the idea of a satiny robe, with or without something else underneath.

Also, have you considered wearing just some skimpier clothes . . . stuff you wouldn't wear outside the house? I'm thinking of, say, a super-short miniskirt and some flimsy little or see-through shirt. A pretty tank top with no bra (or a pretty bra under a lacy see-through shirt) can look quite pretty.

Re: Lingerie for flat chested women???

Postby luvmygirls » Mon May 10, 2010 6:22 am

I like the ideas presented here. Focus on the things you adore and you know your husband would love: stockings and nice panties, something that you BOTH will love. If you're worried about finding lingerie that fits well up top, don't look for that right now. I still love my bride in a satin robe or satin nightgown. And it will still look hot bunched up around your waist as he peels it off your shoulders and it gets pushed up off your legs and goodies.

Once you get married the two of you can go shopping together if you want and he can give you the very feedback you want and what he'd like to see you in.

Another option that just occurred to me is anything that is form-fitting, such as containing lycra spandex. My bride just bought one of those brightly colored lacy spandex mini-dresses (or whatever they're called) from VS and we both love it. Even if you don't get that, though, something tight that would hug every curve, would be good. And I like the tank and panty idea!
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Re: Lingerie for flat chested women???

Postby Gemma » Mon May 10, 2010 6:59 am

What about something like this along with a pair of thigh-high stockings maybe like these. Or if you and fh prefer black (I do) the same website has similar items in black.

If you're into costumes at all, I love the one they call the "Upstairs Maid". I won't post the link because it's a hot outfit shown on a live model but here is the description: Set includes sheer bodice and skirt baby doll with lace ruffle embellishments and lace-up front. The included g-string, hat and wristlets are also sheer.

Hmmm, I may order the Upstairs Maid. My dh would like it.
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Re: Lingerie for flat chested women???

Postby very perplexed » Tue May 11, 2010 8:05 am

From another member in good standing of the IBTC (and newlywed) please do not try to pad it. This from my wonderful hubby's perspective, and echoing citizen's comment, sight will probably be in dim light anyway, and is superficial. The first touching will be through clothing, and he wants to touch you, not an unreal lump of cloth or foam, having no natural form.
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Re: Lingerie for flat chested women???

Postby blushingwife » Tue May 11, 2010 8:18 am

Your future husband already has a pretty good idea what you will look like if you have worn a t-shirt around him.
And guess what? He loves you, is attracted to you, and that's why he has chosen YOU above all women in the world to spend the rest of his life with!!
He can't wait to see and have the whole of you. Sure, nice lingerie is fun, but ultimately, husbands want what is UNDER the lingerie anyway -- so don't worry :wink:
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Re: Lingerie for flat chested women???

Postby DaWoodkie » Tue May 11, 2010 10:30 am

My DW sounds exactly like you when we got married. She was 34AAA. I am a big fan of loose very short satiny robes, chemises, or even better... sexy underwear with one of my button-up shirts up top, nothing underneath, unbuttoned except for a couple buttons about mid chest. ::alarm Kind of like the Shania Twain song.. "Men's shirts, short skirts..." :D
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Re: Lingerie for flat chested women???

Postby Kilarin » Fri May 14, 2010 10:25 pm

One of the big ADVANTAGES that smaller breasted women are gifted with, is that they do not NEED a bra! When you don't require as much support, you can get very creative with what you wear up top. (when you decide to wear anything at all!)

When you want a bit of sexy cover, get a great big beautiful sheer scarf and then just drape/wrap/tie it into a sexy top. Like <this> or some of <these> or <this> or some of the ideas <here>. Why bother with something designed to constrict and support when you are BLESSED with breasts that will support themselves just fine!

God designed us to be monogamous because it WORKS better that way. Your new husband will quickly learn to associate YOUR unique breasts with pleasure. He will become conditioned to respond to breasts of your size and shape. So push the advantages of a smaller bust line to the max and EXPECT him to enjoy them. :)
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Re: Lingerie for flat chested women???

Postby she-prays » Wed May 19, 2010 9:17 pm

Hey everyone, i just wanted to pop on and thank all of you for your suggestions...Many are very very good...I wrote more detailed response but it got deleted. :( Anyways, its been helpful. Im really really busy right now or id try to respond more thouroughly...Sorry!

Re: Lingerie for flat chested women???

Postby swedishmaiden » Fri May 21, 2010 4:07 pm

I know the feeling! I had a horrible time finding anything for our honeymoon. I can finally fit into regular bras now that I am breastfeeding, but before that a regular A-cup was usually too big and it's so hard finding anything AA. Now that we've been married awhile, the stuff that fits me THE best are soft knit type things from Victoria's Secret or American Eagle, etc. It doesn't look like AE currently has one like I have, but it is this sort of style here, except mine is a solid cotton knit, not lace. The bodice/"cup" part is a lot smaller and it looks so much better! And I have two or three from VS that are similar to this one and they fit great. :D

Good luck! It's hard, but there IS stuff out if you look long enough!

Re: Lingerie for flat chested women???

Postby lurioosi » Sat May 29, 2010 9:08 am

I am not a member of the IBTC, but I remember spending hours looking for the typical white silky virginic gown. You know what DH likes best? A spagetti strap undershirt that is just see-through enough to "see stuff." He also likes those silky shirts....anything silky. I like the man's shirt idea too. If you all change for the reception, and he still has the tux with him, sneak the tux shirt out of the bag and put that one...DH would have LOVED that.

Or you could just remember my mom's words (yes, my MOM)..."It doesn't won't have it on long anyway!" :shock:
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Re: Lingerie for flat chested women???

Postby Beth_27 » Fri Jul 12, 2013 6:55 am

I'm the same way, I found a shop online called 'Lula Lu'

It has a,aa & aaa bras :)

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