Many sections are hidden - find out how to see them.

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Many sections are hidden - find out how to see them.

Postby tmbadmin » Tue Jul 07, 2009 4:12 pm

TMB covers a lot of information, and many folks don't want to see it all. Some of the basic sections, mostly those that are the least likely to be "too much" for some, are seen by default. But most of the content of the TMB boards can only be seen if you opt in. To do this, click on "User Control Panel". Then click on the "Usergroups" tab. At the top are the usergroups you currently belong to. Some of these you can opt out of, some you can not (see comments for each group). In the second section are the usergroups you can choose to join. Select one you want, go to the bottom of the page, choose "Join selected" from the drop down box, and click "Submit". The new section of the boards you chose will now be visible. Repeat till you have joined all the groups you want to join.

Most groups read "This is a freely open group, all new members are welcome." You will immediately be added to these groups. A few groups read "This is an open group, members can apply to join." You will be added to these when a moderator approves the request.

To remove sections you no longer wish to see, select those groups from the top list, chose "Resign selected" from the drop down, and click "Submit".

Here is a direct link:

The Marriage Bed • User Control Panel • Edit memberships

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Re: Many sections are hidden - find out how to see them.

Postby OldMarriedLady » Tue Apr 10, 2018 4:26 pm

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