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Low testosterone issues, impacts on health & marriage, treatments, etc.
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Looking for answers

Postby cev » Fri Jan 06, 2017 2:53 pm

DH began BioTe pellets this past Spring for low T. He has been on and off of T therapy for 5+ years with the injections working well, but having to make a two hour round trip weekly to get injections. We tried a local doc who was willing to write an RX so that I could give DH the shots, but this doctor would only prescribe injections every two weeks. The every two weeks shot did not do anything for his T levels, and we were pretty much back at square one...low T all the time. I heard about the BioTe pellets from a female friend of mine whose husband had them implanted, and he was very happy with the results, as he was also making the two hour round trip weekly. We met with the doctor, and had the first set of pellets (6) inserted in June, his T level was 207 prior to the injection. After four weeks they tested his T level and it was 765, but there was not much difference in his drive, and the doctor wanted his level to be around 1,000, so the doctor inserted 6 more. It was a great summer! At the end of October DH began loosing his drive, we called the doctor, and she had retired. The replacement doctor said it was time for another pellet injection. We asked for blood work, but she said it was pretty standard to repeat the same amount of pellets on the second round. DH had 12 pellets injected and within two weeks everything went south. His desire was not gone, but it was nothing like it was in the summer, and he has not been able to have a decent erection since the second week of November, and this was never a problem before. He also started to climax immediately upon PIV if he was able to insert. Needless to say it has been a rough couple of months, and we have been in contact numerous times with the doctor that inserted the pellets, and the only suggestion was to have blood work done. He did the blood work on December 7th, and after three weeks of constant calling, the clinic decided his blood work was contaminated and that he needed a redraw. We then decided to seek out another doctor who was familiar with the BioTe, and that is where we ended up today with the following lab results.
Testosterone- 2094
Sex Horm Bind Globulin- 27.1
Calc Free Testosterone- 66.1
TSH- 2.5
Thyroid Peroxidase AB- 345
Estradiol- 85.3
PSA -1.13

Since starting T therapy, DH has had the issue of high RBC & hemoglobin, which he has to give blood every six weeks, he has not been faithful with this, but did give blood on December 13th.
Hemoglobin- 18.8
Hematocrit- 55.1

The doctor we saw today is an MD with a family practice who does the BioTe therapy, so he is not a hormone expert, but we wanted to speak with someone who was familiar with the therapy. He has never seen anyone with this high of T, that is not in a roid rage, or super emotional. DH is neither of them, and he could basically take or leave sex. Before we visited with him he did do some research and called a couple of other doctors about DH's T levels. They were able to find a couple of cases where high T level was suspected to cause ED, but they were not able to find any studies to base anything on. He seemed genuinely concerned, and promised to talk to some other doctors for more insight, but for now his only suggestion was to redo the blood work in April, and a prescription for generic Viagra.
I know that some of you on here know more than most doctors about T therapy, and I would really appreciate your thoughts on this.

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Re: Looking for answers

Postby SquarePants » Fri Jan 06, 2017 3:16 pm

His estradiol is MUCH too high, which isn't surprising given his high testosterone levels. Estrogen blocks the effects of testosterone, so I'm not surprised to hear that he's not benefiting from the testosterone therapy. A prescription of Armidex will get his estrogen levels down quickly. Estrogrn levels between 20-30 are usually around optimum for most people. I feel the effects above 30.
The doctor and staff at Defy Medical are competent at hormone therapy, and they let you inject at home. Prices are reasonable.
High levels of testosterone will drive up RBC, so he shouldn't procrastinate with his blood donations.

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Re: Looking for answers

Postby Hoosier52 » Fri Jan 06, 2017 5:42 pm

Call Defy and quit seeking treatment from untrained and uninformed docs. Life is too short to waste it with incompetent doctors. My wife and I started with a Biote but glad we switched to Defy. Dr. Saya is great.

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