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My First Year Using Defy Medical

Postby Hoosier52 » Wed Aug 16, 2017 7:49 am

I completed my first year using Defy Medical and just wanted to give an update.

My latest Total T was 1176. Free T was 20.6. MY SHBG dropped to 65.4. DHEA was 379.3. That's the good news.

My estradiol (sensitive test) was 10.4. It was 16 about 4 months ago. They lowered my dose of AI and it still went down.
Another concern is my hematocrit. The two last tests showed the same 52.7 level. A bit high, but I live in the high desert which is a factor.

My PSA was at 4. It's hovered around that number for over a year. I am 65 years old.

I had my annual physical for Defy about 3 weeks ago and everything was good except for my HBP. Could be related to the hematocrit. My CNP did a DRE and she said there was no enlargement of the prostate and no nodules.

I had my consult with Nurse Jill from Defy yesterday. She wants me to increase my HCG to 300 units 3 times a week from 2 times. She also said to drop the AI and not take anything unless I feel symptoms of high estrogen. Even better, no blood work for 6 months. Thus far, it's been every 3 months. I not only hate the blood draws, it's very expensive at about $275 each time I'm tested.

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